1. Availability of Consultants
Our senior consultants are available every weekday to assist with your problems. We can call on you at your office, or you are welcome to drop in for a cuppa at our premises. We are always happy, of course, to attempt to help over the phone, 0418 225 180.
 2. Documentation and advice on Statutory Acts
Those  Acts of Parliament which affect our Industry, including Annual Leave, Long Service Leave, Worker's Compensation, Superannuation, OH&S Regulations, Parental Leave, Unfair Dismissal, Equal Employment Opportunity, Privacy etc. etc.
3. Subcontracting
Regarding Subcontracting we have a whole lot of information to help ensure you are operating legally.
4. Award Interpretation
To assist Management and Office staff in their daily problems with the Award.
5. Assistance with Wage Claims
When claims for underpayment or non payment arise or when you have overpaid someone, help with your problem is available.
6. Unfair Dismissals
We have all been involved somewhere in this major problem area. ACCA can advise, assist and attend the Commission on your behalf to have negotiations made to your best advantage.
7. Workers' Compensation Matters
Advice and assistance with claims including surveillance, reporting and advice on premium reduction.
8. WHS & IM Legislation
The Act is binding on all companies regardless of size and huge fines are being imposed on companies not up to speed. We can assist in preparing appropriate manuals so that your company will comply with the regulations under the Act.
9. Award Negotiations
We will represent you, our clients, who are the smaller and medium companies, at award negotiations. We will look out for your interests as against the interests of the large companies who may have a totally different agenda.
10. Advice with Tendering and Quoting
We will assist you at whatever level you need from verbal advice to attending and preparing your submission. We also have a Handbook which helps those new to the industry.
11. Standard Formats for Tendering and Quoting
We have standard formats which you are welcome to use as is or modify to meet your needs when presenting a Tender or Quotation.
12. Public Liability
The largest problem for those in the cleaning industry. Talk to us for advice and direction in this major problem area.
13. The ACCA Update
On a monthly basis we send our clients an industry update including the latest information on matters affecting our industry.
14. Selection and Recruitment of Staff, Visa Information
We have guidelines and information sheets on these subjects and are happy to talk through them with you.
15. Software and Services
At some time you may look at purchasing software to assist in the preparation of Tenders. We have it specially designed for our clients. At some point you may look at automating the preparation of your timesheets. We have seen the problems and come up with the solutions. Our Timesheet Software takes daily hours and converts them into a Fortnightly Timesheet together with a Cost Comparison report all BEFORE submission for processing so you know your position prior to Pay Day.