Preferred Suppliers

The Alliance has been able to arrange special services for its members.

Some of these preferred suppliers have ACCA member only services which require you to nominate your membership number and this will be checked back with us to ensure you are a financial member, prior to the service being provided.

Each one of the preferred suppliers has joined our Alliance to help make it stronger and we commend their services to you. You will not, in most cases, be able to beat the deals they can arrange for you and we trust you will take advantage of their interest and make your purchases through them.
 Preferred SupplierType of ServiceContactTelephone/Website
 Agar Cleaning Systems Pty LtdChemicals, polishes and cleaning suppliesStephen Agar03 9480 3000
 Hako Australia Pty LtdCleaning equipmentFrank Cupido02 8756 4700
 Invoice XFinancial ServicesSteve Yannarakis

t 03 9020 4160

m 0419 429 423


 Nilfisk Pty LtdCleaning equipment manufacturerJoanne D'Souza

t 1300 556 710

m 0408 881 656

 PacvacCleaning equipment manufacturerPhill Parker08 9479 1444
 EDOates Logo E D Oates Cleaning & Hygiene Products Lucas Paris

 t. 613 9355 6900

 WoolSafeTraining in cleaning woollen carpetsPatrick Burgess

 0419 424 130

All of these companies have invested in the success of our organisation by supporting us as financial members. They see us as the future of the cleaning industry. Please show you agree with them and support their efforts in return.